Achieving and maintaining equanimity

Achieving and maintaining equanimity

Hello Friends,

So how’s your equanimity quotient these days?

1: evenness of mind especially under stress
2: right disposition : BALANCE

In order to achieve and maintain equanimity, you must control your mind. Thoughts and ideas floating through our minds, once accepted or held on to, lead to feelings. These feelings, if persisted in, lead to the beliefs we create for ourselves. Out of these beliefs we act and react to circumstances and people’s behaviors.

If you find that you have a strong negative reaction to something or someone, take some time to do a little research within yourself to identify the root of the disturbance. It usually stems from an unpleasant experience in our early developmental stage where we adopted a belief to protect ourselves in the future. From this now vantage point, you’ll realize that it’s not true and no longer necessary, and can decide to adopt a new idea/belief that will support you where you are and where you want to go.

Oh, and let’s not gloss over the fact that there’s usually a “who” behind the pain and resentment. Do a forgiveness meditation: In your mind, have a conversation with the offending person, tell him/her how their action(s) made you feel and how it’s impacted your life, and that you are now choosing to forgive them and let it go. You are deciding to no longer allow “this” to affect your life and you bless them, then send them on their way in peace. As you do this practice, you will start to feel better and have less negative reactions.

Yes, this is an ongoing process through life but the more “baggage” we release the higher we can soar!

Mel’s Two Cents: Be yourself and prioritize your well-being. Practice patience and compassion with yourself and others. Let go of anxiety about the future and resentment about the past. Accept the present and enjoy yourself while working towards a brighter future. Try these ideas and see how NOT ruffled your feathers will be :)

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