Dare to heal yourself

Dare to heal yourself

Hello Friends,

A thought came to me during my meditation: if hurt people hurt people then healed people help heal people. So, how do we heal ourselves?

It’s simple but not always easy: Let IT go! What is IT? IT is anything – idea, belief, person, place, thing, story or situation – that disturbs your peace and does not serve your highest good. Yep, anything that does not increase your peace and joy quotient.

Mel’s Two Cents: Change your mind about IT. Entertain new ideas, beliefs, habits or people that add to or increase your peace and joy. When you feel better, you act better and make better choices, and then are an inspiration for others – you know, the whole domino effect thing.

See, I said it was simple yet not always easy, BUT I know you can do it! I dare you to start healing yourself today!

Until next time.



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