Harness the power of your mind

Harness the power of your mind

Hello Friends,

As we approach Thanksgiving, I was pondering: what am I most grateful for this past year? I am most grateful for a sound mind that I am learning to control in my favor, as opposed to allowing any thought that passes through to scare me silly or disturb my peace. This is no easy feat, it takes concerted effort to renew your mind as we are filled with counterproductive messages received in childhood and bombarded with manipulative messages from our culture and the media. But it’s SO worth it!

We have millions of thoughts running through our minds all the time. They are like scarecrows, they look real from afar; and if we choose to believe they are real, they will scare the crap out of us and wreak havoc in our lives.

1 a : an object usually suggesting a human figure that is set up to frighten birds away from crops; b : something frightening but harmless
2 : a skinny or ragged person

I believe it’s important to pay attention to our thoughts so we can purposely choose which ones to focus on and which to simply let scroll by. If you have a strong reaction to something or someone, stop for a moment and examine what thoughts are in your mind: where did they come from? who’s voice is playing in your head? are they helpful or painful? what thought can you choose to replace the disturbing one so that you are more peaceful and loving with yourself and others?

It also helps to choose what you feed your mind purposefully; choose things that make you feel good and help you achieve your goals. Remember: what you focus on expands.

Mel’s Two Cents: Don’t let puny, fake @$$ thoughts control your mind! You have the power to choose what to focus on. Start a new habit of focusing on what makes you feel good, confident, purposeful, happy, abundant, compassionate, altruistic, etc. You can do this!

I wish you and yours a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Until next time.



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