Harness the power of your thoughts

Harness the power of your thoughts

Hello Friends,

Just a friendly reminder that our thoughts have creative power. What we think about, talk about and believe creates the life we experience.

During this challenging time, a sort of global time-out, we are being forced to take a break from the busyness of our lives. So, how are you using this time to your advantage?

I recommend practicing mindfulness to ease any anxiety or fear, and contemplation to take stock of your life and see if you’d like to continue as is or make some changes. Try less news and social media; focus more on quality time with yourself, your loved ones and spending time out in nature, if possible. Think about what you’d really like for yourself; what would really make you smile and jump for joy; how can you get started in that direction; what would it be like to attain that desire?

Remember, every great invention or discovery started with an idea, a random thought, a dream…

Mel’s Two Cents: I highly recommend daydreaming, often. Rest, take care of your body, and choose your thoughts carefully. When disagreeable thoughts or troubling memories arise, simply observe them, remind yourself it’s just a thought and then purposely choose another one to focus on that feels better. It’s your mind, you control it – it does not control you :)

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