Intuition Development made easy – asking questions the trilogy

Intuition Development made easy – asking questions the trilogy

Hello Friends,

I hope you’re having fun getting to know yourself. I’ve saved the best for last in this series of asking questions.

What if I told you that life is one giant hologram – a projection of your thoughts, beliefs and superstitions. It’s one giant mirror reflecting back to us what’s in our mind and what we hold strong emotions about. That’s right folks, we are making it all up as we go along. This may sound a bit like science fiction but it is our reality. If you beg to differ then I suggest you first catch up on your science, psychology, philosophy and spiritual literature. Better yet and easier still – let’s just ask some more questions and see it for ourselves.

We’ve heard the clichés: what goes around comes around; you get what you give; karma is a bleep; and what we focus on expands. All this means is that whatever we think, believe, speak about and take action on is what we will see and experience in our life. This is great news because it means that we can control our life experience. It’s not random and chaotic, it’s actually quite organized and self serving. We get to choose. We can have it our way, IF we are willing to do a little work.

Asking Questions – The Mind Blower

  • What is the annoying behavior of that bleep who gets on my last nerve showing me about myself? Why does it drive me crazy? Is it something I refuse to accept about myself? Is it something I am judgmental about? Is it something I saw growing up and swore to myself I would never be/do/have?
  • Why do I struggle financially? What messages did I receive growing up about abundance or the lack there of? What are my beliefs about money? Do they reflect what I really want?
  • Why am I sick? What is my body trying to tell me? What am I not willing to look at and deal with? What has been the biggest, hairiest and scariest issue in my life and how can I finally let it go?
  • What am I afraid of and why?
  • What is my habit of (insert your poison of choice here) masking or substituting? What do I really want?
  • What do I need to get rid of in my life to experience more peace and joy? What can I embrace more of in my life to experience more peace and joy?
  • How can I be the change I want to see in the world? What do I have to offer? What value do I bring to my family, society and the world?

Mel’s Two Cents: Whatever you are desiring, look for it within yourself first because if it isn’t in your mind and therefore part of your actions then you will not see or experience it outside yourself. If it’s not present and active in your mind and heart, then it will not be present in your life experience.

Narrow mindedness and prejudice is like wearing blinders – you limit yourself and make your life small. If you do not like what happening to you and around you, then change your mind about it and expand your life experience.

Happy tuning in my friends!

Until next time.



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