Investing in The Art of Appreciation

Investing in The Art of Appreciation

Hello Friends,

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving Day and it reminds me of how my daily practice of appreciation has significantly improved my life experience.

Merriam Webster definitions:


transitive verb
1a :to grasp the nature, worth, quality, or significance of; 1b :to value or admire highly; 1c :to judge with heightened perception or understanding :be fully aware of; 1d :to recognize with gratitude
2 :to increase the value of

intransitive verb
:to increase in number or value

When you decide to focus on what’s good in your life and express appreciation by simply noticing it, writing it down in a journal or saying a quick gratitude prayer, you train your mind to look for more things to be grateful for and it becomes second nature. Practicing this when you first awaken fosters feelings of peace and joy, and allows you to be more patient, compassionate and forgiving throughout the day.

Here are a few things I appreciated this morning that got my day off to a good start:

  • My favorite cozy socks that keep my chubby toes warm.
  • Writing by the soft light of my beautiful Tiffany style mini lamp.
  • My plush, purple bath towel as I wrapped it around myself after a warm shower.

Mel’s Two Cents: I invite you to take a few moments every day to appreciate the many people and things you have in your life. Purposely choose to notice and acknowledge what’s wonderful, useful and heartwarming. Cultivate those warm and fuzzy feelings as they act as ammunition against difficult circumstances or people you may encounter throughout the day. Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving Day filled with family, friends, fun and delicious food!

Until next time.



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