Practice asking powerful questions

Practice asking powerful questions

Hello Friends,

Feeling stuck? Feeling like you’re in limbo land and don’t know what to do? Feeling hopeless about letting go of a bad habit or dysfunctional pattern? Let’s practice asking powerful questions to break free from self sabotage and limiting beliefs.

Questions are a powerful tool for unlocking answers that lie in within your subconscious mind. Ever wonder why you’re so anxious or worried all the time? Why you can’t get what you say you want? Well, the answer is in there somewhere just waiting to be discovered so that once you “see the light” you can move forward in a different way that will get you to your desired destination.

Powerful questions are open ended and allow for curiosity and exploration. Examples: When did I first begin this habit/pattern? How is this serving me? What can I do differently next time? The answers may not come up right away but it will eventually float up to your conscious mind. It may bring up some painful memories and that’s OK. Allow yourself to feel the pain and remind yourself that you are now safe and in control; you can now make a different choice to show yourself love, respect, forgiveness, compassion, etc.

Example 1: Why am I so hypervigilant? Oh, I see, I grew up with alcoholism and violence. I felt that I always had to be alert and ready to break up fights or try to control the alcoholic episode so it didn’t get worse.

Example 2: Why am I such a people pleaser? Oh, I see, I grew up with anger and instability. I felt that I had to behave, do everything right, and anticipate what others needed to maintain a peaceful environment.

In both these situations it’s obvious that no matter how hard we try we cannot control others, their behavior is not our fault and it’s not our job to fix them/the problem, but somehow we felt responsible and had to do something about it. From this NOW vantage point we can see that we had it all wrong, we can only change our behavior and mindset, and make different choices that will serve us better.

Mel’s Two Cents: Be courageous enough to ask yourself some powerful questions to get to the bottom of “it”. You have all the answers within you to free yourself from self sabotage and limiting beliefs so that you can create a life that is more peaceful and fulfilling.

Happy self-exploring my friends!

Until next time.



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