Practicing more self-reliance

Practicing more self-reliance

Hello Friends,

The winds of change are starting to die down but the dust hasn’t settled yet, so let’s talk shock and bewilderment. Let your friend Mel tell you a short story.

For some reason you wake up a little earlier than usual. You get ready for your day and this time you decide to grab a few snacks since you have the extra time – an apple, a healthy breakfast bar and a bottle of water. You get on your usual train and after a few stops an announcement is made that due to an unfortunate incident this train is being rerouted and you must get off. Another train is pulling into the station immediately and you assume it’s the one you need so you run across the platform and get on – you feel lucky and start to get comfortable when you hear the announcements and realize you are on the wrong train – UGH! You get off at the next stop feeling frustrated and harried. You check the time and the train schedule and realize that the right train is on it’s way only not as soon as you’d like. You also realize that since you were up earlier than usual you have the extra time to wait, and you will arrive to your destination on time. You start to calm down and notice your surroundings: you’re at an outside station that’s new to you, it’s actually quite nice and the weather is pleasant, there’s nice scenery going on – beautiful trees, birds flying around, and interesting cityscapes in the distance. Hey, this is not such a bad place to be stuck in for a little while. You find a bench nearby and sit down, enjoy the breeze and take some deep breaths. You remember that you have a few snacks so you pull them out. You decide to listen to some of your favorite tunes, or catch up on some reading on Kindle. You are relaxed and actually enjoying yourself as you know that the right train will be along soon to take you to your destination and you will arrive feeling rested, refreshed and ready to go. You smile to yourself as you take a big bite of your juicy, delicious apple and think: who knew a delay could be so pleasant.

The moral of the story: when unexpected events happen that rattle your world do not lose your cool, or your mind, and rush to do something that you will regret later; simply wait for the fallout to clear by taking care of yourself and knowing that the right answer will come along soon.

Mel’s Two Cents: I recommend you let the dust settle before rushing into any action that’s fueled by doubt or fear. Instead, take really good care of yourself and do fun things. Earnestly consider what you’d like to do next and what you believe is best for you. Fill your mind with encouraging, useful and purposeful information. You are not too late, you didn’t miss the boat and you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, and right on schedule. Become the quiet observer of your life, what’s happening in it and the people around you. Be as a child full of wondrous anticipation. The right answer or opportunity for you will present itself soon enough. Trust yourself – you got this!

Until next time.



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