Trusting your intuition and doubting the doubts

Trusting your intuition and doubting the doubts

Hello Friends,

In this season of “out with the old and in with the new” remember to trust your intuition: that still small voice; that gut feeling; the hunch that won’t go away; the ‘I don’t know why but I have to’ feeling; the voice for God/Love/Source/Life/Spirit/The Universe.

Trusting your intuition takes practice. We use it all the time but do not pay conscious attention to it. I’m sure you can recall times in your life when you had a hunch: if you followed it – it paid off and if you didn’t – you regretted it and scolded yourself. When you get a “hunch” about something, pay careful attention to it and how it feels emotionally and physically, maybe make a note of it, and then follow it. As you do this, you will begin to recognize this “voice” and trust IT instead of allowing fear and anxiety to confuse or paralyze you.

Going down a new road can feel scary because we don’t know what to expect. BUT, if we decide to be OK with where we are now, trusting that we have help a.k.a. our intuition, then we can relax, enjoy the journey and not scare ourselves half to death by focusing obsessively on an unknown destination or result.

Mel’s Two Cents: When fear crops up injecting doubts, making you feel confused and insecure, doubt the doubts. Flip the negative “what ifs” to positive ones. Practice posing a question and letting it go. As you go about your day, something will pop up: a hunch, a gut feeling, a fleeting yet poignant thought, an obscure memory, or some information that makes the light bulb in your brain turn on. This sometimes seemingly trivial guidance will often lead you to your answer. The more you do it the more confident, and less anxious, you will become. The phrase “practice makes perfect” is not a cliché for nothing.

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