Welcome to Mel’s 2¢ Blog!

Welcome to Mel’s 2¢ Blog!

Hello Friends,

Thank you for sharing a few minutes of your valuable time with me!

Why would she call her blog “Mel’s 2¢”? you ask. Well, it’s a simple story.

First, Mel is my nickname. Second, I’d been receiving the intuitive nudge for some time to start a blog where I can share leadership tips and anecdotes on how to cultivate a relationship with your intuition. And of course, the “naysayer/doubting Thomas” part of me immediately jumped up to say “What could you possibly have to share with people? Who made you an expert? Who would even read it and take you seriously with a name like that?”

I decided to meditate and seek guidance. The following morning as I was getting into my car, I noticed two rusty pennies right by the driver side door and laughed at the “coincidence.” A few days later, in the same parking spot, I was getting out of my car and those two rusty pennies were still there in the same exact place staring up at me. I decided right then and there to pick them up and start the blog. They nearly burned my hand – they were so hot it felt like they were on fire. I had a good belly laugh and said aloud to the universe – I hear you and I accept! Synchronicity at its best – we’ll talk more about this later.

I’ve always been tickled by the phrase “my two cents”, as if what you have to say or offer isn’t worth much but it’s usually very helpful, and a lot of two cents can add up to a substantial amount. I’m not familiar with the origin of the phrase but if you know, please share it with us.

My desire is to be of service to you by sharing what I know and answering your questions in a short, simple, practical and pert manner. I also look forward to learning from you too!

Regards from your new friend and humble servant,




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  1. Mel November 1, 2017 at 3:47 pm - Reply

    Thanks for looking that up for us Liz and I do love that bible story – it’s not the amount but the intention that counts.

  2. Liz Klosowski November 1, 2017 at 2:34 pm - Reply

    Congrats on going live!

    You sparked my curiosity about the origins of the phrase, ‘my two cents’ so I had to Google it. According to Wikipedia:
    “The earliest reference to an analog of “two cents” appears in the lesson of the widow’s mite in both the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of Luke. In the biblical episode, several wealthy temple patrons donate large sums of money, but an extremely poor widow places just two small coins, i.e. her two cents, into the offering. She finds greater favor with Jesus than do the wealthy patrons, seeing that the widow gave all of her money to the Temple in Jerusalem while the wealthy patrons made little investment, leaving much money for themselves.”

    Some believe that the phrase originates in betting card games, such as poker. In these games, one must make a small bet, or ante, before beginning play. Thus, the phrase makes an analogy between entering the game and entering a conversation. However, there is no documentary evidence of this being the origin of the idiom, so it is merely speculation. Other likely origins are that “my two pennies worth” is derived from the much older 16th Century English expression, “a penny for your thoughts”, possibly a sarcastic response to receiving more opinion than was wanted “I said a penny for your thoughts, but I got two pennies’ worth”. There is also some belief that the idiom may have its origins in the early cost of postage in England, the “twopenny post”, where two pennies was the normal charge of sending a letter containing one’s words and thoughts or feelings to someone.

    There is also hard evidence that the US-variant phrase in print, is from the Olean Evening Times,[2] March 1926. That includes an item by Allene Sumner, headed My “Two cents’ worth”.

    “Two cents” and its variations may also be used in place of the noun “opinion” or the verb phrase “state [subject’s] opinion”, e.g. “You had to put your two cents in, didn’t you?” or “But that’s just my two cents.”

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