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Intuitive Coaching

Are you ready to have your mind blown wide open by becoming aware of your innate wisdom? Ready to rid yourself of limiting beliefs and habits no longer serving you? Want to get noticed—and get rewarded—for all your hard work and great ideas? Desperately desire to handle difficulties confidently and decisively? How about transitioning seamlessly into a new role?

Let’s work together to get you out of your own way and on the road to success.

Intuition Development

Are you experiencing presentiments or déjà vu? Having deeply moving dreams you know have an important meaning or message but don’t know how to decipher them? Want to be able to put those gut feelings or hunches to good use? Ready to be done with indecision and confusion?

Let’s practice connecting to your innate guidance and wisdom to get you on the path of your highest good.

Psychic Mediumship, Spiritual Mentoring and Personal Consulting

Are you seeking clarity with how to manage a difficult relationship or situation? Thinking about changing directions in your professional or personal life? Need support coping with anxiety, trauma or loss? Would like to connect with your dearly departed? Questioning your spirituality, or lack thereof? Maybe you just want a sounding board to help solidify your thoughts and ideas?

Let’s talk about it and get you to a place of peace and clarity.

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Mel Pays It Forward

All services are a la carte but if you purchase a service package, I will donate 3% to your favorite charity or a complimentary one-hour session for you to share with someone.

I appreciate you!