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“Success is helping others succeed.”

While working as an administrative assistant, I earned a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Human Services, a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology, and certificates in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance and Mini–Master of Public Administration.

Upon completion of my graduate studies, I worked as an in-home family therapist providing behavioral therapy to children and their families and soon realized, feeling like a lonely, frustrated, overworked, and underpaid therapist was not the career path I imagined for myself.

Eventually the vision of what to do next became clear. I’ve been afforded the opportunity to enrich my knowledge and skills while working with and being mentored by outstanding leaders who have encouraged me along the way. I have successfully helped to create marketing campaigns, managed websites, written proposals for training programs, coordinated and participated on executive searches, managed offices and budgets, mentored support staff, and coached management staff. My experiences have been varied, challenging, and rewarding; and they’ve all helped me to stretch, grow, and expand.

Since my earliest memories, I have been highly intuitive, simply knowing things without any evidence or proof, having prophetic dreams and the ability to connect and communicate with spirit. What once appeared to be a hindrance, categorizing me as “different” from my peers, is now an invaluable gift.

In conjunction with my studies, and the experience I’ve gained under the tutelage of great leaders, I now serve others through the contemplation and application of psychological, philosophical, spiritual, metaphysical, and coaching principles.

I am passionate about helping people connect to and cultivate a relationship with their intuition so they can realize their greatest potential and pursue their wildest dreams. My motto is “success is helping others succeed.”

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