Be still and know…

Be still and know…

Hello Friends,

During challenging or turbulent times, it is especially important to take time to be still, breath deeply and quiet the mind. This will enable you to clear your mind and calm your body so you can hear your innate wisdom / intuition and know how to proceed. If sitting still is difficult for you, practice deep breathing while walking in nature, staring at the clouds, star gazing, or doing a quiet, repetitive activity. This will immediately calm you and allow new ideas to flow into your mind. Practice being still for a few minutes a day, just BE. Simply put: being is the way to knowing.

Challenges often precede much needed or desired change, but we forget that change is an inside job. In order for the outside world to change, we must first change ourselves. It starts by changing our minds, then our behaviors, then helping each other, and then the new idea will be reflected in the world around us. Become the change you wish to see and be an example for others. Change can feel hard but all it takes is a little willingness and a lot of discipline and patience.

Mel’s Two Cents: If you desire something different then you have to think, feel and do something different, consistently, to bring it into your experience. The great news is that if you can see it and experience it in your imagination, trusting that a way will be shown to you as you go about your life in peace and joy, then one day it will be so. Put your frustration on hold, suspend your disbelief and try it!

“Be still and know, I am that which I desire.” – Neville Goddard

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