The courage to persevere and be here now

The courage to persevere and be here now

Hello Friends,

It takes courage to stay the course even when things appear bleak or impossible. Take it one day and one step at a time. Let the past go and fret not over the unknown future. The safest and most peaceful place is the present moment, the NOW. If you stay in the present, aware of your body and your surroundings, doing what you can do and expressing gratitude for what is here now, then your mind can’t play tricks on you wreaking havoc with your emotions. Instead, you will feel calm and even find joy in the simplest things.

Here’s a message of encouragement via poetry from my book Love Speaks available on

GRACE by Melinda Maysonet

Here I Am Lord
An empty vessel
Fill me with your divine grace
The grace of faith that can move mountains
and know all things are possible
The grace of wisdom to know what is best for me
The grace of compassion for my fellow creatures
The grace of forgiveness for myself and others
The grace of courage to move forward in the face of fear
The grace to be of service in this world
Fill me with your divine grace, Lord
The grace of Love
Fill me with You!

Mel’s Two Cents: We all have access to grace and intuition, we simply have to be still and quiet long enough to feel it and receive it. Remember, BE HERE NOW and be patient with yourself. Purposely find little things to be grateful and happy about. Encourage yourself and others. This too shall pass. It really is a wonderful life!

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