Abundance Abounds

Abundance Abounds

Hello Friends,

Today I’d like to simply share encouragement, and a friendly reminder, as we continue renewing our minds to create the life we really want to live.

Abundance Abounds by Melinda Maysonet
Abundance abounds
Simply look around
There’s an abundance of
Clouds in the sky and air all around
Sand and sea as far as the eyes can see
nurturing soil and luscious trees with countless leaves
Abundance abounds
Look! Can’t you see?
There’s an abundance of
people just like you and me
curious creatures of all varieties
man-made miracles that offer ease
Abundance abounds
Stop refusing to see
Abundance abounds within you and me

The key is to feel abundant to experience abundance in all areas of your life, not just money. You can start by walking outside your door and looking up at the sky to see where it ends or how many stars are within; or walk up to a tree and try to count all of it’s leaves. Contemplate your physical body, it’s an abundant miracle machine with a vast network of elements, molecules, tissues, cells, bacteria, veins, muscles, etc. Yes my friends, you are abundance incarnate!

Mel’s Two Cents: . When you feel abundant you see abundance and experience abundance. Shift your focus to retrain your mind that abundance abounds all around :)

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