Accessing your peace during difficult times

Accessing your peace during difficult times

Hello Friends,

Often we find ourselves in circumstances that make us feel uncomfortable, frustrated, helpless, inadequate, etc. a.k.a. I can’t stand this one more second; this is getting on my last good nerve; or I feel like I want to cry, scream and explode. Fret not my friends. All that’s happening is that this particular situation is reminding you of a past event that made you feel the same way.

Stop and take a few deep breaths and bring yourself back to the present moment. Really take a look at your surroundings, see and experience them fully. Remind yourself that in this present moment you are safe and all is well. Then ask yourself: what can I do to make myself feel better and what action(s) will honor my desires and beliefs?

Side note: if the situation involves other people be mindful that you cannot change others or force them to do what makes YOU feel comfortable. You only have control over your feelings and actions – so choose those that will make you feel good and honor your authenticity.

Mel’s Two Cents: Next time you feel like a five year old ready to throw a mega tantrum, whether the offense is justified or not, take some deep breaths, bring yourself into the present moment, and choose to focus your attention on something that will make you feel good. You always have a choice. Choose to love yourself by doing what will increase your peace and joy. Oh, and you can also remind yourself that “this too shall pass.”

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