Connecting to your intuition is essential for a successful life

Connecting to your intuition is essential for a successful life

Hello Friends,

I don’t know what your definition of a successful life is but mine is maintaining a state of peace and joy in any and all circumstances, and having lots of fun adventures. No matter what it is for you, connecting to your intuition is the key that will open the doors leading to your heart’s desires and wildest dreams.

1 : quick and ready insight
2 : the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

Intuition is also known as: your internal guidance system; the still, small voice within; your inner knowing; the voice of your soul/higher self; gut feelings and hunches; your Spidey sense; and many other descriptions.

We use it all the time, we’re born with it and it’s how we navigate through life whether we’re aware of it or not. We all have examples of how we just “knew” something or how we just sprung into action in an emergency before we even had time to think.

This is why meditation and mindfulness practices are so prevalent and important. They help us to get quiet and calm enough to hear our intuition more clearly. Many leaders and successful personalities have openly admitted that committing to these types of practices is what enabled them to “come up with” the ideas and subsequent actions necessary that lead to their success.

Mel’s Two Cents: I invite you to consciously decide to connect to your intuition and make it a daily practice. Pick a quiet time such as right before bed or when you first wake up to dedicate a few minutes to this practice. Here are some ideas for your consideration:

  • Sit quietly and breathe deeply. When your mind wanders, just bring your focus back to your breathing.
  • Listen to a guided meditation or soothing music. Let your thoughts float by without attaching to any of them and going off on a mental tangent – just observe them as they float by like the subtitles on a news show (we all know how annoying they can be).
  • Go for a leisurely walk in nature and consciously observe your surroundings – notice the beauty and variety of trees, flowers, insects and animals. Allow yourself to really see what is around you, get curious about it and look more closely.
  • Do yoga or an easy form of exercise.

The goal is to calm your body and mind, and be consciously aware of where you are and what you are doing. Slow down, bring more oxygen to your body and mind by breathing deeply, notice any thoughts that rise up in your consciousness and jot them down. The answers you seek and guidance for next steps will come. The more you practice the easier, more pleasant and even necessary it becomes, and the better your life gets. :)

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