Ditch indecision and live the life you really want

Ditch indecision and live the life you really want

Hello Friends,

Let’s talk indecision and feeling stuck. If you are not progressing in some area of your life it’s because you are not doing anything about it. That’s right, I said it, it is your own fault! What are you waiting for to change your mind, make a different choice and start moving in that direction? Oh I see, the fear of the unknown has you paralyzed. Well folks, I hate to burst your bubble but indecision is a decision to do nothing and remain in misery, and it’s a dream killer.

If we take an honest look at how life really works, we must admit that there are no guarantees. We think we know how something will turn out but we really don’t know for sure, we’re just hopeful that it will work out the way someone said or how we imagined. We accept a false sense of safety and security because of past experiences, continue to do more of the same and hope that something will change; then we wonder why we feel bored, dissatisfied and/or unfulfilled.

There are no right or wrong decisions. Decisions simply lead us to experiences and information such as “yes, I like this a lot, let me keep going in this direction” OR “hell no, I won’t be doing that again.” Stop letting the world, society, family, and/or friends tell you what you should be, do or have. Do what you want to do, what’s in your heart, what brings you joy and excitement.

Mel’s Two Cents: Ditch indecision, make a choice that feels good to you, and start walking it out. If along the way it doesn’t feel good anymore, change your mind again and go in a different direction. I live by the motto that it is my God given right to change my mind as often as necessary to maintain my peace and increase my joy. Feel free to borrow my motto and go live the life you really want!

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