How to get unstuck and gain momentum

How to get unstuck and gain momentum

Hello Friends,

Feeling stuck you say, like nothing’s happening, nothing’s moving, things appear bleak and hopeless, and you have no idea where to go or what to do? So, I ask you: What are you stuck on? Is it a limiting belief, something someone once told you that is making you doubt yourself? Is it a past painful or traumatic event that has you living in fear?

Well my friends, the only way to unstick yourself is to start moving. Once you start moving you will gain momentum and eventually reach your desired goal.

1 a : to remain in a place, situation, or environment; b : to hold fast or adhere resolutely; 2 : to become blocked, wedged, or jammed

: strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events

You don’t need an elaborate fool-proof 10-step action plan with a timeline and guarantee to start moving. Start by simply deciding to change your mind about yourself and identifying what you want. Indecision is a dream killer and a sure way of staying stuck.

  • Decide what you want and believe it’s possible, see and feel it already done in your imagination
  • Make a preliminary action plan and start taking small steps in the direction of your goal
  • Remain flexible and make any necessary adjustments along the way
  • Follow what feels good and brings you joy
  • Take excellent care of yourself

Gaining momentum is a choice. In order to get the proverbial ball rolling you have to make a decision and start moving in that direction. Let me remind you: You are smart and talented enough. You are ready, willing and able. You can have a fulfilling life. Anything is possible.

Mel’s Two Cents: Let go of what doesn’t serve you and focus your attention on your desire. Focus only on what you want and how the having of it makes you feel – practice the successful outcome in your mind frequently. Along your journey, learn to be like water: be easy and go with the flow of the current; find your way around obstacles, changing course when necessary; and always keep moving.

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