Investing in the Art of Appreciation Part II

Investing in the Art of Appreciation Part II

Hello Friends,

Do you often find yourself waiting for someone to acknowledge and appreciate you? Well, wait no longer because you can pat your own self on the back. Yes, that’s right folks, stop waiting in vain for others to validate you. You validate you, acknowledge your own worthiness and appreciate yourself. It’s perfectly OK to feel good about yourself and what you do, even if no one notices or cares to express their appreciation.

Choose to consciously notice when you do a great job and allow yourself to feel great about it. Doing this will boost your confidence and self esteem. We determine our worth and value by what we choose to think and believe about ourselves, so choose to think highly of yourself. Notice what you’re good at, do more of that, and practice positive reinforcement with yourself. For those things you’re not so great at or would like to change, be patient with yourself, take small steps towards your goal, and forgive yourself when you make mistakes.


1a :to grasp the nature, worth, quality, or significance of; 1b :to value or admire highly; 1c :to judge with heightened perception or understanding :be fully aware of; 1d :to recognize with gratitude.  2 :to increase the value of


1 : trim or smart in dress; 2 : scrupulously clean, neat, or correct; 3 : highly self-satisfied

Mel’s Two Cents: Toot your own horn. Say things to yourself such as: Wow, I did an amazing job! I’m really good at this! It turned out better than I expected! I am awesome! I rock! I love and accept myself, awesomeness and all!

Then walk around the rest of the day with a huge grin on your face. And if someone asks “why so smug today?” share your feel good story. Being smug is perfectly OK too.

Go ahead and be smug for a change. Feeling great is good for your mind, body and soul. When you feel great, you look great and you do great things. Go forth, embrace and share your greatness. I’ve wholeheartedly embraced my fabulousness :)

Until next time.

Mel a.k.a. Ms. Fabulous


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