To lead or not to lead?

To lead or not to lead?

Hello Friends,

I was recently asked “how can I encourage a manager to ‘step up to the plate’ and take on a more leadership role?”

Mel’s Two Cents:

  1. Schedule a meeting early in the day while everyone’s mind is still fresh and energy is high.
  2. Begin by expressing appreciation for talents (what they bring to the table that’s of value) and what’s working.
  3. Continue by making your “ask” – request what you would like from them, be encouraging and express your confidence in their abilities, and that you are willing to provide support and guidance to ensure success.
  4. Then wait a few minutes for their answer – it may feel uncomfortable or like an eternity is passing by but just wait – give them the opportunity to absorb what you’ve proposed, consider the offer, and answer honestly without feeling pressured. If they say they need time, give it to them – schedule a follow-up meeting for a few days later.

This a simple approach that can work well with someone who wants to do better and move up the ladder. Notice we didn’t talk about what’s wrong, not working or where they can improve. Remember positive reinforcement? Yeah – let’s practice that more often please. Performance reviews and periodic/standard follow-up meetings are where “what’s not so great” should be discussed.

I truly believe we all yearn to be appreciated, recognized and rewarded. So as a leader, I invite you to be more generous with verbally noticing and appreciating when someone is doing something right or great – encourage them every chance you get. And if the budget allows, put your money where your mouth is – compliments are awesome but they don’t pay the bills or expand the dream vacation budget!

Let me know if there’s something you’d like my two cents on, or better yet, contact me to schedule a session so we can work it out together.




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