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First Aid for WTF?! moments

Hello Friends, I thought I'd share a friendly public service announcement: First Aid for WTF?! moments Suspend disbelief: Yes, this really is happening right now. Accept it. Pause and take deep breaths: Stop holding your breath and avoid breathing shallowly as this can lead to hyperventilation or a panic attack. Breathe deeply and allow all the uncomfortable feelings to rise up and pass through you. Step away from whatever is happening if needed to avoid reacting from strong emotions - excuse yourself as politely as you can. Talk to someone you trust who will listen and be compassionate. Write a rant [...]

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A friendly reminder: All IS WELL

Hello Friends, The energy recently feels heavy, a tad bit too somber and weary. I've noticed that many of us are releasing old, outdated behaviors, people, places, things and beliefs that no longer serve us. Change can feel chaotic and painful, even if we welcome it and know it's for the best. I'd simply like to offer some encouragement that this too shall pass and remind you to use all the tools in your arsenal to practice extreme self-care during difficult times. Don't forget to doubt the doubts, and use afformations and affirmations: What if I am always blessed and [...]

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Blossom by trusting yourself

Hello Friends, How do we allow ourselves, and our lives, to blossom when we feel we have no idea what to do to make it better? I was inspired to the answer by one of my favorite songs, The Rose by Bette Midler (see below for lyrics and link), and Brené Brown, research professor and author extraordinaire. blossom 1 a : the flower of a seed plant; b : the state of bearing flowers 2 : a peak period or stage of development I find that we don't take risks to live authentically and follow our bliss because we fear [...]

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Don’t let disappointment steal your peace and joy

Hello Friends, I find that we often spend too much time wallowing in disappointment, usually because we had strong feelings surrounding the person or situation. disappointed 1 : defeated in expectation or hope; 2 obsolete : not adequately equipped When things don't happen, or people don't behave, the way we want or expect we feel disappointed. Then we stew in that feeling and make up horrible stories about why this happened, we can't stop thinking and talking about it, we get into a funk and become crabby or sad, and this can go on and on for a long time. [...]

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Using imagination to persevere through adversity

Hello Friends, One way that I've found to persevere in the face of change and uncertainty is to use my imagination. Remember how you'd pay with your friends in an imaginary castle and act out your roles? You'd dress the part and act out the characters and had a blast pretending that it was real. Then when you were a tween or teen you'd talk with your friends all day about your dreams, one day when you'd become a _____ and what you'd do and what would happen and how you'd feel. It felt wonderful and so real, you relished [...]

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Practice being the love you wish to experience

Hello Friends, As I was meditating this morning on my favorite chapter of scripture in the bible, I received yet another insight about it and thought I'd share. (1 Corinthians 13) Practicing "love" first begins with loving ourselves because if we are all one, then what I do to myself I do to you, and what I do to you I do to myself. (Yes, I meant to write the sentence this way - just read it a few more times and let it sink in:) If I do not love and accept myself, show myself compassion and forgiveness, be [...]

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Practice playing the What If game

Hello Friends, Let's add playing the "What If" game to our affirmations and afformations. Oh, no, no, no, we are not going to practice imagining the worst case scenario as people usually do. Instead, we are practicing imagining the best case scenario. Yes folks, we are flipping the script. What If... I am perfect just as I am? Why am I perfect just as I am? I AM perfect just as I am! What If... Everything is always working out for me? Why is everything always working out for me? Everything IS always working out for me! What If... What [...]

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Practice changing your mind

Hello Friends, Let's continue on from last week. As you practice freeing your mind from outdated, dysfunctional or toxic thoughts, ideas and beliefs, it's very important to replace them immediately with those that will serve your highest good aka lead you to a more peaceful, joy-filled and fulfilling life experience. Try using affirmations as we've talked about before. Affirmations are positive statements about yourself or your circumstances that can help you challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often you eventually start to believe them, they become your new truth and your life experience changes. While affirmations [...]

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Practice freeing your mind

Hello Friends, I wanted to take a moment to remember our forefathers and the courage and sacrifice they made which led to us to being able to celebrate Independence Day every 4th of July. They wanted to be free from tyranny, so they changed their minds, followed their hearts, took action, and ta-da: America, land of the free and home of the brave, was born. They left us a superior example of how we can do this everyday in our own lives. Once you attain freedom in your mind from negative or oppressive beliefs, your outside circumstances will rearrange themselves to [...]

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Practice letting it be

Hello Friends, I felt moved to once again remind you, and myself, about the futility of resisting the "what is" that disturbs our peace. If you can't change it then let it be and shift your attention onto something that pleases you instead. Remember to practice deep breathing to calm yourself and bring yourself into the present moment. Then say a prayer thanking Heaven for facilitating the solution or meditate on the picture of the desired outcome and practice feelings of joy. I know, I know, sometimes it feels as if things are moving slower than a snail, and we [...]

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