Charity begins at home with yourself

Charity begins at home with yourself

Hello Friends,

Many of us are going through some tough things these days and we must remember to put ourselves first! That’s right, I said it, you have to look out for number one – it’s not being selfish, it’s practicing healthy self-care. If you are exhausted, your nerves are fried to a crisp, you are stressed out and experiencing health issues, or your money is tight – what can you really give to anyone else? First get yourself to a healthy place emotionally, physically and financially. Yes folks, fill your own cup to overflowing and then you can fill someone else’s cup out of your abundance.

So, how do we fill our own cup? Take a break; get adequate rest/sleep; eat healthier foods; try exercising; try meditating; curb your spending or stick to a budget; say NO and mean it; work smarter and play more often; laugh a lot on purpose; and do what makes you feel good a.k.a. follow your bliss.

Mel’s Two Cents: Stop blaming everyone and everything around you for your misery or misfortune. Your life is yours to manage, be true to who you really are and what you really want. Honor yourself by doing what’s best for you. Please yourself first and then you’ll be in a much better place to play Santa Claus or Mother Theresa.

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