From Fear to Faith to Miracles

From Fear to Faith to Miracles

Hello Friends,

I felt moved to speak on miracles again as many of us are experiencing hardships these days, but fear not my precious friends, because miracles do exist and you can initiate them yourselves.

As I mentioned before, Marianne Williamson, a spiritual teacher, lecturer and NY Times best-selling author, who speaks about the principles of A Course in Miracles explains that a miracle is a simple shift in perception that can change your life. What is your current perception of your difficulty? Are you approaching the person or situation calmly and gracefully, or are you angry and defensive? Are you allowing fear, or faith, to dictate how you handle your problem?

You’ve probably heard the meme “FEAR is false evidence appearing real” and I’d agree except when having a showdown with an angry Godzilla or a hungry Jaws. These days most of us don’t have to hunt or forage for food, and are not in danger of being attacked or eaten by a wild animal; why so much the fear then? Simple, we fear and/or are anxious about the unknown. When we don’t know what’s coming next we can freak ourselves out by making up all kinds of scary stories in our minds. This is where faith is our saving grace. Faith in yourself that you are smart and resilient, and are sure to find a way around or through your problem; faith in a higher power to guide and protect you along the way; faith in your family and friends to offer love and support; faith that you are not alone in this world and if you want or need help you will find it.

Mel’s Two Cents: Shift your perception from fear to faith. If fear pays you a visit, listen to what it has to say; if there is no validity or truth to it, drop it like a sack of hot rotting potatoes that are just as heavy as a ton of bricks! Next: take some deep breaths, exercise your brand of faith, and expect miracles. When you exercise your faith, you are able to be at peace and behave in a loving manner, which is the key to unlocking all the miracles you could ever want or need. Oh, and you don’t have to earn miracles, they are yours simply because you exist and believe [insert vision here of Mel sprinkling sparkly fairy dust all over you accompanied by Steven Spielberg-like music and sound effects].

I’ll leave you with a poem I was inspired to write during one of my challenging experiences. It’s in my book Love Speaks – grab a copy wherever books are sold! :)

Until next time.



Here I Am Lord
An empty vessel
Fill me with your divine grace
The grace of faith that can move mountains and know all things are possible
The grace of wisdom to know what is best for me
The grace of compassion for my fellow creatures
The grace of forgiveness for myself and others
The grace of courage to move forward in the face of fear
The grace to be of service in this world
Fill me with your divine grace, Lord
The grace of Love
Fill me with You!


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