Embracing the new wholeheartedly

Embracing the new wholeheartedly

Hello Friends,

The winds of change are still blowing but soon they will die down and where will you find yourself? Will you be surrounded by a new, exciting and fabulous landscape or will you look around at the same old scene that bores you to tears?

Releasing the past or what no longer serves us can seem daunting so let just put that aside for now and instead focus on embracing the new wholeheartedly. Think about what you’d like to experience in your future, write about it, do some research on it, imagine yourself in that new landscape and take inspired action when it arises. If you’re focused on where you’re heading you won’t be focused on where you were or what happened and the emotional turmoil it caused. Try adding a new habit to your routine that’s in line with where you’d like to be, train your body and mind for the new, emerging landscape you are moving toward.

Mel’s Two Cents: As you focus on your desires for new things and experiences and make room for them in your life, the old which no longer serves you naturally fades away. No need to drive yourself crazy – simply shift your attention onto what turns you on and keep it there as much as possible. Pretty neat short cut, eh!

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