It is what YOU say it is

It is what YOU say it is

Hello Friends,

Based on recent conversations, it is evident that many are having a tough time dealing with difficult situations. You’ve heard it said “it is what it is,” but I say: “it is what YOU say it is” because you are the only thinker in your mind. You are the only one who can decide how to view and approach your seemingly difficult situation. Is it good or bad? Can you look at this in a way that is encouraging? Is this situation teaching you something? Is this an opportunity to grow and expand your fabulousness? Is this even worth one moment of your precious time and energy? Only you get to decide my friends, so I recommend you choose thoughts and approaches that serve and please you. Love, respect and trust yourself enough to not invest in, or contribute to, any situation that disturbs your peace.

Mel’s Two Cents: It’s really simple folks, the hard part is practicing. If people do not like you or believe in you, that’s their business, walk away and towards those who do. What you focus on expands, which means you get more of what you are fussing and complaining about, so shut up about it already! Deliberately focus on and talk about what you do want and what makes you feel good. FYI: misery is an option you can choose to graciously decline ;-)

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