Keep On Keeping On some more

Keep On Keeping On some more

Hello Friends,

The winds of change continue to swirl about us, seemingly banishing us to this nebulous land of ‘neither here nor there’ and waiting anxiously for the dark clouds to clear. So what do we do? The answer came to me in a song this morning, an ’80s classic: Heaven Is A Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle.

That’s right folks, I believe we are being asked to create our own personal heaven on earth. How the heck do we do that?!? you ask. Well, it’s going to take a bit of bravery and tenacity. Do some soul searching and practice listening to your intuition: What do you really want? What will make you feel happy and fulfilled? What fears and resentments are lurking in the shadows of your psyche that you need to face and dissolve? What will it take to create your own personal heaven on earth? Are you willing to do what it takes? Do you dare to do what it takes to create the life of your dreams? Wow, wow, wow! This is not an easy time but I know we can come through it bright and shinny, IF we invest in ourselves and do this work.

Mel’s Two Cents REPEAT: When things are slow or don’t seem to be moving – keep on keeping on – trusting that everything is always working out for your highest good, even when it doesn’t feel good. Adopt a daily practice of expressing gratitude and finding joy in the small, everyday things of your life because this is what life mostly consists of. Also, practice maintaining your peace – when you are at peace you can handle anything that comes your way well. And don’t forget to take time throughout the day to do a few minutes of deep breathing – it’s simple and very effective.

I’ll leave you with my favorite part of the song. For me it’s not about another person, it’s about the energy of Love/Source/God/The Universe that sustains me, encourages me, advises me and accompanies me wherever I go. It speaks to me through that still, small voice inside, my intuition, telling me to let go of what was, accept what is and joyfully expect what will be, but most of all be here now. Be aware in the present moment, not ruminating about the past or fretting about the future, but fully present in the NOW bringing my mind, body and spirit to what is happening in my NOW moment and participating in it and appreciating it fully. In my present moment, my NOW, all is truly well and I can create my very own heaven on earth.

May the Force be with you my friends!

Until next time.


excerpt from Heaven Is A Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle

When I feel alone, I reach for you
And you bring me home
When I’m lost at sea I hear your voice
And it carries me

In this world we’re just beginning
To understand the miracle of living
Baby, I was afraid before
But I’m not afraid anymore

Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth.
They say in heaven love comes first
We’ll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth


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