Intuition Development made easy – learning to trust

Intuition Development made easy – learning to trust

Hello Friends,

I hope you’ve been practicing getting quiet through meditation, mindfulness or breathing exercises and then making notes of the impressions, words, visions and/or ideas you receive.

Today we’ll chat a bit about how to trust the information/inspiration you receive.

1  a : assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something; b : one in which confidence is placed

It’s really quite simple folks – just follow the guidance, take the action recommended and see what happens. Another way is to practice paying attention to how you feel when you hear/receive the guidance. If you feel at ease, encouraged or happy then go ahead and move forward. The guidance you receive from your intuition is soft and quiet, like a whisper. It fills you will a sense of clarity, hopefulness and eagerness. Even if it isn’t logical or practical it will simply feel right.

As you take the inspired action and experience a positive result – although not always immediately – you will receive more guidance on what to do next. It’s a process, the more you practice taking action on the guidance the more you will receive, and the more you trust it the stronger and easier it will become. It’s like working an invisible, energetic muscle.

Practice following those intuitive hits, hunches, light bulb moments or gut instincts. Learn to trust yourself when you have an idea that makes you feel at ease and hopeful, and go for it – take the inspired action. If in doubt about any inspiration you receive, ask for more clarity. Before your meditation or mindfulness exercise, set an intention to receive more clarity about your specific issue and then make note of what you receive afterwards to see how it may apply. This is not an exact science as we are all unique, which is why practice is essential.

Mel’s Two Cents: Practice, practice, practice and practice some more. Find an exercise that feels most comfortable to you and make it a daily habit, even if it’s only for two minutes at a time. It’s an investment in yourself and your brighter future, and I believe you are totally worth it.

I’d love to hear your experiences, so please share!

Until next time.



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