Managing the attack of the BLAHS

Managing the attack of the BLAHS

Hello Friends,

So the WTF?! moment has passed and you’ve got a handle on circumstances and your strong emotions, and yet… things still don’t seem to feel quite right or make sense. You may be asking yourself: what’s next? why is nothing happening? nothing seems to be working? is this really my life right now? You may feel like you’re in this dark, nebulous limbo land – it’s the dreaded BLAHS – UGH!

1 or less commonly blah-blah : silly or pretentious chatter or nonsense
2 blahs plural : a feeling of boredom, lethargy, or general dissatisfaction

Fret not friends, this is actually the quiet time right before the amazing breakthrough, the miracle, the wish coming true, the I am out of that freaking dark tunnel and in the light FINALLY!

I recommend tapping into your creativity at this time. Occupy yourself doing things that bring you joy and are productive, instead of focusing on what’s not right, what’s missing or how dissatisfied you are. Do some spring cleaning; rearrange your home or work space; go sightseeing or immerse yourself in a fascinating novel series; listen and dance to music or watch comedies and laugh your butt off; take an art or dance class; do some exercises or simply sit in the grass and hang out with a tree. Do what feels good to you. Have fun. Play a lot. The object is to distract yourself in an enjoyable manner and not spiral into apathy or despair.

Mel’s Two Cents: Remember: Perseverance + Persistence + Patience = Payoff (yes, I wrote this blog too)! You’re almost there so don’t give up now. Take good care of yourself, do things you enjoy often, and laugh even more. It’s only change folks :)

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