Mel’s 2¢ now on YouTube and trying new things

Mel’s 2¢ now on YouTube and trying new things

Hello Friends,

Mel’s Two Cents is on YouTube! Now you can join me as I talk about blog topics, interview fellow entrepreneurs in the healing arts and answer viewer questions.

For quite some time I was being encouraged by many to start a YouTube channel, and I’ve finally done it. Not only did I start the channel but on the first episode I am actually doing a horse therapy session with Laura Higgins from Tranquility Ranch Equine Assisted Therapy, LLC – talk about trying new things and putting myself out there! LOL

I was nervous and worried about looking foolish but I decided to take some deep breaths, keep myself in the present moment and have fun. To my surprise, I immediately felt relaxed, thoroughly enjoyed myself and became aware of the thoughts and feelings within me that were stopping me from moving forward. It’s all on video for your viewing pleasure – I hope you laugh with me and not so much at me :)

Click here to watch the first episode and subscribe: Mel’s Two Cents: Authenticity and Equine Assisted Therapy?!

Mel’s Two Cents: Trying new things does not have to be a big hairy, scary deal – we often psych ourselves before even trying by the thoughts we think, usually doomsday scenarios we conjure up in our imagination. If you keep yourself in the present moment with a sense of curiosity and decide to have fun, you can have amazing experiences and learn things about yourself along the way. You’ll never know and may often wonder about what could’ve been unless you try. I dare you to try something new today!

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