Practice affirming what you want

Practice affirming what you want

Hello Friends,

As a follow up from last week, the other thing you can do to get out of a rut is… drum roll please… don’t complain and don’t explain! Instead, focus on your desires, think about them, talk about them with people who are supportive, do some research on them, remind yourself that you are enough and willing to do what it takes.

Rather than moaning and groaning about what did or didn’t happen, how hurt and wronged you were, and how it’s not fair, ask yourself: What can I learn from this? Then turn your attention to what you do want. I know, I know, it can be hard to shift your attention when all you feel like doing is opening a can of whup ass BUT… The longer you take to let it go the longer it will take for you to allow something new and amazing into your life.

Give your mind something to look for that will benefit you. Your thoughts and words tell your mind what to focus on which is why when things are bad and you feel bad all your experiences are bad. So flip that script and choose thoughts and words that feel good and match what you’d like to experience. For example: I hate this bleeping job! / I am grateful that I am smart enough to find a new job that I really enjoy and pays a better salary!

Mel’s Two Cents: Flip the script on those negative thoughts and words. Forgive the past, do not repeat, and focus on your desire with the sentiment that it’s totally possible and anything I need to achieve it is on its way!

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