Practice letting it be

Practice letting it be

Hello Friends,

I felt moved to once again remind you, and myself, about the futility of resisting the “what is” that disturbs our peace. If you can’t change it then let it be and shift your attention onto something that pleases you instead. Remember to practice deep breathing to calm yourself and bring yourself into the present moment. Then say a prayer thanking Heaven for facilitating the solution or meditate on the picture of the desired outcome and practice feelings of joy.

I know, I know, sometimes it feels as if things are moving slower than a snail, and we just want to be done with “this” already, and our patience muscle is about to wear out. BUT that’s when we stop resisting and things finally start moving or what we’ve been waiting for arrives. So, why not simply stop resisting NOW? Let it be, focus on yourself and do things that make you feel good, and before you know it things will start moving in the right direction.

Mel’s Two Cents: Remember, it is what YOU say it is, so say things like: although this looks and feels bad, it’s happening for my highest good; I will survive and overcome this; it’s none of my business and it’s not my responsibility so I don’t need to get involved; this too shall pass; in this present moment I have what I need and all is well; I am smart and resourceful and the right next step will come to me right on time!

Hope this was helpful :)

Until next time.



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