The magic keys to peace, joy and abundance

The magic keys to peace, joy and abundance

Hello Friends,

Here’s a simple reminder: gratitude and appreciation are the magic keys to peace, joy and abundance.

: the state of being grateful : THANKFULNESS

1a: a feeling or expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude; b: JUDGMENT, EVALUATION; c: sensitive awareness
2: increase in value

What we focus on, give our attention to and decide to believe in is what will expand in our lives a.k.a. what we will get more of a.k.a. what will become our dominant life experience. So… as you feel and express gratitude and appreciation for what you already have and what is good in your life, you will attract more to appreciate and be grateful for.

Mel’s Two Cents: In these challenging and uncertain times, let’s do what we can to help ourselves and others while practicing gratitude and appreciation, which fosters peacefulness, which allows hope, joy and inspiration to arise. I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote that I hope will offer comfort and encouragement.

Your Strong Arms by Melinda Maysonet
Your strong arms
the light house beacon shimmering on a dark stormy sea
my strength when I feel weak
Your strong arms
a fortress against invading marauders
my protection in the face of fear
Your strong arms
an oasis of peace and rest
my safe haven when I feel weary
Your strong arms
a castle of joy and laughter
my happy home when I feel sad
Your strong arms
infinite and powerful
always wrapped around me
gentle and sure
always there
so why have a care?!

Until next time, wrap the arms of gratitude and appreciation around you like an armor against fear and anxiety :)



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