Using imagination to persevere through adversity

Using imagination to persevere through adversity

Hello Friends,

One way that I’ve found to persevere in the face of change and uncertainty is to use my imagination.

Remember how you’d pay with your friends in an imaginary castle and act out your roles? You’d dress the part and act out the characters and had a blast pretending that it was real. Then when you were a tween or teen you’d talk with your friends all day about your dreams, one day when you’d become a _____ and what you’d do and what would happen and how you’d feel. It felt wonderful and so real, you relished in those great feelings somehow knowing that it was all possible and you didn’t worry about the how or when, you simply enjoyed the moment in your imagination. You talked about it as often as you could and squealed to yourself with glee but then… As you got older and “reality and responsibility” set in, the grown ups kept telling you how hard life is, stop dreaming, get real, it’ll never happen, who are you to even think it’s possible, and on and on it went. You started to believe them and not that little voice inside that said ‘keep dreaming, it’s totally possible!’

Mel’s Two Cents: I’d like to encourage you to revive that little voice inside. Revisit that time of innocence and sense of wonderment, hope and optimism. Let that little light inside shine. Practice playing in your imagination again. Fully feel the feelings of limitless possibilities and joy. Let yourself dream just for the fun of it. As you do this, new ideas will come to you, you’ll be inspired to do things you’ve never done, new opportunities will present themselves, and before you know it – you’re living in a new reality.

The only pitfall: careful who you share your dreams with and do not be swayed by the naysayers. The “world” loves to tell you why something won’t work or can’t happen. It’s your dream after all – not theirs. You’re the only one who needs to believe to achieve. Oh, and don’t get stuck on the time thing either, the more you practice feeling good, maintaining your peace and knowing IT is on it’s way – the quicker IT will show up:)

Sweet dreams my friends!

Until next time.



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