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Harness the power of your mind

Hello Friends, As we approach Thanksgiving, I was pondering: what am I most grateful for this past year? I am most grateful for a sound mind that I am learning to control in my favor, as opposed to allowing any thought that passes through to scare me silly or disturb my peace. This is no easy feat, it takes concerted effort to renew your mind as we are filled with counterproductive messages received in childhood and bombarded with manipulative messages from our culture and the media. But it's SO worth it! We have millions of thoughts running through our minds [...]

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A little willingness goes a long way

Hello Friends, Trying new things and change can feel difficult or down right wrong; but, that's only the 'creature of habit' within protesting and being fearful. Anytime we are confronted with something new our mind searches our past history and when it comes back with nothing, it's first response is: 'no way, we have no information on this and it could be dangerous'! Fear not friends, this is where a little willingness comes in handy. willing 1 : inclined or favorably disposed in mind; 2 : prompt to act or respond; 3 : done, borne, or accepted by choice or without [...]

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Mel’s 2¢ now on YouTube and trying new things

Hello Friends, Mel's Two Cents is on YouTube! Now you can join me as I talk about blog topics, interview fellow entrepreneurs in the healing arts and answer viewer questions. For quite some time I was being encouraged by many to start a YouTube channel, and I've finally done it. Not only did I start the channel but on the first episode I am actually doing a horse therapy session with Laura Higgins from Tranquility Ranch Equine Assisted Therapy, LLC - talk about trying new things and putting myself out there! LOL I was nervous and worried about looking foolish [...]

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Practice speaking and living your truth

Hello Friends, We are taught from a very young age to hide our true feelings - be nice, be polite, don't cry, it's not OK to show anger, etc. We walk around wearing masks all the time, afraid to be authentic, afraid of rejection or retaliation, afraid to be an outcast. It's not that we're out there lying, we're simply hiding, or holding back, our true feelings and desires. Then we wonder why we're not happy and not getting what we really want. As I was contemplating this, I decided to try something different: to speak and live my truth [...]

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Embracing and sharing your fabulousness

Hello Friends, I don't have anything really insightful or profound to share today, just a friendly public service announcement: I am fabulous and so are you! That's right I said that and I mean it! We are unique individuals with unique talents. These talents do not have to coincide with work or career, although for some it does. It can be a hobby or a helpful habit. It's that thing you do that people always come to you for advice about, or to fix for them, or because they admire you and want to learn from you. It's the thing [...]

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Embracing stillness and silence

Hello Friends, We're so busy these days juggling home, family, friends, careers, and unforeseen events a.k.a. WTF moments, that we often find ourselves reaching for something to calm us down, give us a boost of energy or help us get some clarity. The quickest and healthiest way I've found is to be still and get quiet for a few minutes at a time throughout the day. I simply find a spot where I can be alone, close my eyes, take some deep breaths and go to my happy place. Amazingly, I quickly feel calmer, my mind is clearer and I [...]

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Searching for meaning in life

Hello Friends, What is the meaning of life? We often ask ourselves, searching for an answer that will make everything crystal clear and provide distinct direction. What I have come to know for myself, and sometimes forget due to challenging circumstances and have to rediscover all over again, is that there is no one particular meaning to life. Life is what we choose to make it. Our individual, unique lives are colored by our ideas, beliefs and experiences. That's right, the onus always falls on us. We are the ones who assign meaning to our life by what we think [...]

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Dare to heal yourself

Hello Friends, A thought came to me during my meditation: if hurt people hurt people then healed people help heal people. So, how do we heal ourselves? It's simple but not always easy: Let IT go! What is IT? IT is anything - idea, belief, person, place, thing, story or situation - that disturbs your peace and does not serve your highest good. Yep, anything that does not increase your peace and joy quotient. Mel's Two Cents: Change your mind about IT. Entertain new ideas, beliefs, habits or people that add to or increase your peace and joy. When you [...]

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Managing the attack of the BLAHS

Hello Friends, So the WTF?! moment has passed and you've got a handle on circumstances and your strong emotions, and yet... things still don't seem to feel quite right or make sense. You may be asking yourself: what's next? why is nothing happening? nothing seems to be working? is this really my life right now? You may feel like you're in this dark, nebulous limbo land - it's the dreaded BLAHS - UGH! blah 1 or less commonly blah-blah : silly or pretentious chatter or nonsense 2 blahs plural : a feeling of boredom, lethargy, or general dissatisfaction Fret not [...]

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First Aid for WTF?! moments

Hello Friends, I thought I'd share a friendly public service announcement: First Aid for WTF?! moments Suspend disbelief: Yes, this really is happening right now. Accept it. Pause and take deep breaths: Stop holding your breath and avoid breathing shallowly as this can lead to hyperventilation or a panic attack. Breathe deeply and allow all the uncomfortable feelings to rise up and pass through you. Step away from whatever is happening if needed to avoid reacting from strong emotions - excuse yourself as politely as you can. Talk to someone you trust who will listen and be compassionate. Write a rant [...]

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